The Traditional Network



Source of Referrals


Referral brokers commoditize radiology by routing patients to the lowest cost provider regardless of quality

Imaging Center

No control over referrals, commoditization of services, declining reimbursements

The Spreemo Way



Manage referrals directly
from referral source

Imaging Center

Differentiate on quality, not just price; control reimbursement rates; maintain equal access to referrals

How It Works

The Spreemo Radiology Platform provides you with all the necessary tools to receive referrals directly from payers and manage the entire referral workflow from receipt to report submission.

Sign Up

Spreemo makes it simple. Register, create your practice profile, configure your users and you’re on your way to self-manage your payer relationships.

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Join Payer Network

Pick the payers you wish to work with and the price point that makes sense for your practice. For the first time, the Spreemo Radiology Platform empowers you to manage payer relationships, fee schedules and billing terms.

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Receive Referrals

Schedule. Confirm. Upload. Spreemo alerts you of new referrals, diagnostic requests and status updates. Spreemo’s online workflow tools simplify all aspects of patient management.

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Get Paid

Maximize revenues by creating and managing direct relationships with carriers, large self insured employers and third party administrators.


  • Referral Lifecycle Manager
  • Online Payer Authorization
  • Optimized Reimbursement
  • Practice Profile Tools
  • Quality Rating Metrics
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Referring Physician Engagement
  • Electronic Payments

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