The Spreemo Difference

better-diagnostic-networkA Smarter Diagnostic Network

Accurate diagnostic imaging is critical in the evaluation, treatment and outcome of a patient. An incorrect diagnosis can result in unnecessary care, poor outcomes and extended disability. Spreemo’s predictive analytics grade imaging providers based on quality metrics impacting their ability to provide accurate diagnostic interpretations strengthened by reimbursement models that reward quality.

reduced-diagnostic-costsReduced Diagnostic Costs

Spreemo provides a transparent and easy-to-understand fee structure that enables the best provider to be identified for each patient without bundled or hidden fees. This benefits the payer, the patient and the provider.

reduced-diagnostic-costsA Smarter Workflow

Spreemo’s technology improves workflow efficiency by connecting all parties online in a secure, unified platform. All aspects of the referral lifecycle from request to record sharing are dramatically improved. Patients are scheduled sooner, results are shared faster and costs are reduced.

Why It Works

Spreemo Match

Spreemo automatically matches your radiology referrals in real-time based on provider quality, the location of the injured worker, provider cost and turnaround time. Our map-based selection tool displays the quality, cost and distance of our providers to the injured worker. Referrals are routed real-time to the appropriate provider for scheduling.

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Workflow Management Tools

Spreemo provides robust tools to manage the radiology workflow from receipt of referral to report submission. Through real-time updates and integrated scheduling, patients are scheduled faster and reports are submitted earlier. Less time waiting results in both speedier recovery and return to work.

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Quality and Customer Service Grading

For the very first time, you now have insight and tools enabling you to select the right provider for each injured worker.  Spreemo grades providers based on interpretative accuracy, equipment type and scheduling and report turnaround performance.

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Custom Network Manager

Tailor your network to suit your needs. The Spreemo Radiology Cloud lets you customize your network by defining the type, quality and pricing parameters of centers available to your adjusters.

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Scheduling Support

The Spreemo operations team closely monitors all referrals flowing through the system. Our professional staff understands the importance of timely care for injured workers. We have extremely high standards for service quality; we ensure that these standards are met for each and every diagnostic study.


  • Improved Quality of Care
  • Reduced Administrative Costs
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Provider Quality Ratings
  • Transparent Fees
  • Real-Time Communications
  • Quality Rating Metrics
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Referring Physician Engagement
  • Electronic Payments

The Network

Spreemo’s network participants – including independent centers, hospital based and university providers – undergo rigorous credentialing and recredentialing to ensure the availability of the highest caliber providers to evaluate your injured workers.

Our staff of networking and medical specialists ensure that the films are read properly, the equipment is current and certified, and that the physicians are accredited appropriately.  This includes verification of physician data, second opinion reviews and site visits.

Customer Service

Technology is only as good as the people behind it. We treat our customers the way we expect to be treated.


We’re not fans of auto attendants and you will never be greeted by one. A live person will answer every call.

Proactive Support

We aim for perfection but issues do arise. When they do, expect a call from us. We’re prompt, proactive and professional.

Our Staff

You will always interact with smart and courteous professionals who understand your issues and have the ability to address them.

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