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Fierce Medical Imaging – Analysis: High costs, price variability mean imaging should be a healthcare savings target

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Medical imaging procedures figure prominently in a list of the high-cost, high-frequency and highly variable medical services that present the greatest opportunities to achieve healthcare savings, according to an analysis from Change Healthcare’s quarterly Healthcare Transparency Index. The index tracks cost variability of common healthcare services across various prescription, medical, dental and vision services. Among these services, … Read More

Bloomberg BusinessWeek – America’s Mixed-Up Markets for Medical Imaging


What’s the right price for an abdominal CT scan? The cost can vary by an order of magnitude, from as low as $300 to as much as $3,265, according to a report today from Change Healthcare, a company that provides pricing information to health insurers and employers. CT scans aren’t unusual in this respect: Diagnostic imaging tests make … Read More

WorkCompWire – What Health Care can Learn from Workers’ Comp


In order for the broader healthcare system to solve many of its current problems, it will have to adapt and change into a system that more closely reflects the workers’ compensation market, which is value-focused and outcome-driven. The Broad State of Health Care Escalating costs are strangling the healthcare sector. Healthcare spending accounts for 17.7 percent of U.S. GDP, … Read More